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I received my copy of the book yesterday and the feeling was bit anticlimactic. And a bit surreal. After weeks and months of anticipation when I got the book, it was like holding any other new book. The only difference being that it was my name I saw on the cover. In that sense the experience was a bit unreal.  I am still feeling kind of detached, like it’s not happening to me. I suppose it will sink in. The joy of something definitely lies in the anticipation of it.

I am irritated, no, impatient with myself. You know how it is. When you expect to feel something, want to feel something, but just can’t? Here I am holding this extremely good-looking book with kickass production values and all I can think is, hmmm. For God’s sake, my editor is more excited that I am!

Meanwhile friends are clamouring for the party I promised I would throw upon receipt of the first copy. They think I’m being plain curmudgeonly. Perhaps I am.

I find it difficult to concentrate on anything. I mindlessly play Freecell.

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