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It’s been a lazy weekend. Did a bit of writing on my next book and caught a few movies – watched Sex and the City and wanted to watch 21 but there wasn’t a convenient show available. Then caught Man Bites Dog, a French film, and Mirror Has Two Faces on DVD.

Sex and the City happened on the spur of the moment. It was Saturday and by virtue of being a weekend, most promotional work on Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions was on hold. All distractions switched off, my work on my next book was going really well when some friends, all huge fans of the series,  arrived who insisted on getting me out of my tracks and tee and dragging me along.

It’s not that I wasn’t planning on watching it. It’s just that I, never having been a faithful follower of the series, wasn’t about to go out of my way to watch it.

But the film was a breeze, if a little long. King should have capped the length at 2 hours max. And quite contrarily, amongst all the friends I was the only one who enjoyed the film. The rest, were kinds disappointed. They found the film lacking in its trademark sass and the screenplay a little linear. After all that, they griped, it was all about love and forgiveness and fairytale endings.

I thought the film was very smart and aimed at providing viewers closure. Think about it, underneath the veneer of sexual freedom, wasn’t Carrie always about Big? Didn’t she always want to get married to him? Didn’t she keep going back to him, time and again?  The makers knew viewers wanted to see Carrie and Big seal the deal and they provided that, complete with a token heart-stopping moment.

Granted, the screenplay was a little one-sided and Carrie centric with the rest of the tracks thrown in for sprinkling. But then sex and the City was always about Carrie. Moreover, the rest of the tracks had been closed somewhat during the series – Charlotte was married happily to Harry, Miranda had decided to get hitched with Steve, and Samantha was in a monogamous relationship.

So they took the next logical step in their relationships – Charlotte and harry have adopted a Chinese girl and then Charlotte gets pregnant, Steve has an affair leading Miranda to break up with him, and Samantha breaks off her monogamous relationship.

With all this, the makers kept the relationship between the four friends at the forefront and even retained the trademark label parade – Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik and what have you. I don’t see how the film was any different from the series. In fact, it was like watching an entire season on DVD.

My guess is the next instalment (make no mistake, there will be) will have a bereavement, a life threatening illness, a break up, and Samantha will find someone like herself.

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