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“(Watching Federer win everything)…is the same as having sex (while) wearing a condom. It feels okay, but (it’s) not even close to how you feel when you don’t”.

A very nice write-up on the mystique Nadal has for us…me for sure, no?

Actually mystique is the wrong word. It’s more like an X-factor…what the hell, just read the article :-). Enjoy!

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I am just so upset….So angry….I tell myself it’s ridiculous to take Nadal’s loss so personally. But is it really? Fans invest a lot of time and energy in a player so it’s very natural to feel angry when the player behaves like a jackass.

I’m not upset or angry that Nadal lost. It had to happen sometime. What I’m upset about is he went without a fight. And against whom? Robin Soderling! A middle-aged middle-ranked player of no consequence.

I’m afraid the French Open has lost its lustre for me this year.

When the match began, I expected a straight sets win for Nadal much like the Rome match when Nadal trounced Soderling 6-1 6-0, and settled down to watch a match of some brilliant shots.

Only ten minutes later I was reeling in disbelief at what was unfolding at the Philippe Chartrier court. Nadal’s returns landing too short, blazing forehand’s from Soderling, Nadal’s forehands finding the net with unerring accuracy, Nadal stranded behind his baseline. Nadal looking clumsy on clay!!!!

Throughout this year, Nadal has looked out of sorts. He hasn’t looked formidable at all. What has kept him going is his sheer will power. And Federer’s self-destruct mechanism.  But even his sheer willpower was missing yesterday.

I remember feeling the same way when Schumi lost to Alonso. But at least he didn’t go down without a fight. After seven years of reign. Now that’s motivation. Maybe Nadal ought to take a leaf out of Schumi’s book. Otherwise I fear it is the beginning of the end.

As an afterthought, if Federer doesn’t win his much coveted French Open title and his 14th slam now, he’s a bigger jackass.

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