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Someone time ago I met a screenwriter friend of mine at a workshop. In response to his polite, “What’s new?”, I let off a verbal barrage about Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions. In my defense, the first copy had just come out and the novelty of being a published writer hadn’t quite worn off.

He enthused about what a great achievement it was (he is a nice guy). Of course it was huge! But I wasn’t going to let on that I thought that. What kind of a writer does that? Instead, “Really? I don’t think so,” I said, trying to be oh so blasé about it.

“Are you kidding?” he said, “How you can write in a city like Bombay?”

I disagreed with him then (I still steadfastly maintain that a writer will find a way to write. Anywhere) but I see what he means now.

If it’s not one thing it’s another. At first it was the whole computer crashing business which took two whole days. Even after the comp was resuscitated, the Internet refused to show any signs of life. So I decided to change the ISP. A bad choice as it turned out which led to the whole Tata Indicom fiasco. I ended up wasting a whole week of my time with constant follow ups etc. When it became apparent that it wasn’t happening I had to cancel that, which entailed another flurry of calls. The hunt for yet another ISP began with, you guessed it, another round of calls. I finally settled on MTNL which, while being extremely efficient, still took four days. All in all, I lost three weeks of my life.

A bit extreme, you say? But consider this. All the personal visits and follow-ups on the phone only happen during working hours. Which happen to be my working hours as well. Even if I have to make a visit or a phone call later in the day, say post lunch, and have the morning relatively free, I can’t write. Because once I begin I lose track of the time and before I know it, it’s evening. So all through the morning I have anxiety attacks lest I miss the appointed time and can’t concentrate of writing.

At last, I thought it was all done. Computer, check; Internet check. I could sit back and concentrate on my work. But guess what?  My Internet banking password doesn’t work! According to the call centre, “I must have forgotten my password. Yes, it happens even after everyday use,” they assure me.

The way I see it, I have two choices. Either I could argue with Shweta, Mohnish, Shalini and Rupesh at the call centre, or, as they suggested helpfully, “I could make a personal visit to the nearest bank branch and put in a requisition to reset the password.”

Either way, I prepare to waste another working day. Happy writing guys!

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MTNL Zindabad

I’ve had enough. My Internet’s still not up but I’m not going to let that stop me from writing my blog. Well, every other day at any rate.  Although to be fair, the forced hiatus did me a bit of good. For the first time in six months I could concentrate, as in really concentrate, on my book.  

Earlier, whenever I hit the teeniest-tiniest roadblock, the first thing I usually did was click on the Explorer button. You know, just till the juices started flowing again. Not that I was a net junkie. Not by a long shot. I mean, there were times that I could go by for up to four hours without going onto the Internet. Still, the temptation was always there.

With the temptation removed, I had no option but to hack away at it till I got it right. And I was able to get a lot accomplished. I think I may even finish my book by mid-October. Isn’t it awesome? It’s almost good enough for me to wish for no Internet for just a little while more. No, I didn’t say that! I take that back.

Of course, it wasn’t so in the beginning. I almost went out of my mind thinking Omigod! I’m not connected! No email! I must be missing out on thousands of business opportunities. But gradually I began to relax and realised I wasn’t doing much business through the Internet in the first place. My TV guys were obliging enough to send and get stuff picked on a pen drive. That taken care of, none of the emails I received were pressing in any way. 

So, in a way, I have to thank the Tata Indicom guys. Or the Onicra guys ’cos it wasn’t actually the Tata Indicom people who screwed up, but one of their vendors in charge of delivery and installation of devices. Still it is Tata Indicom’s responsibility. It’s like in Singapore. The pet poops and the owner scoops.

Someone wrote that Tata Indicom must get their act right if they don’t want to get trashed on my blog. But I’m not going to indulge in any Tata Indicom bashing.

Yes, they’ve been lax but, truth be told, there is no service company which has a hundred percent customer satisfaction record. I’ve had problems with Reliance and vodafone. I have friends who’ve had problems with Bharti. So who do you go to? MTNL? Actually, now that I mention it, maybe MTNL is the answer. For one, their broadband is actually broadband and I’m told you can get speeds up to 2 mbps (even though you applied for the 512 kbps plan)! Two, strange as it may sound, the only company I haven’t had a problem with is our good old sarkari MTNL. Can you imagine?

Meanwhile, my time on the Internet is limited so I can’t reply to individual comments personally yet. But I assure you I’m reading them and appreciate your feedback. So please keep visiting and commenting and I will get back soon.




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The bad news is in the headline guys. Thankfully my computer is functional once again but the Internet connectivity is coming along rather slowly. It should be done by Monday and that’s when you can look out for me.

I’m adding it in the category of experiences cos it has REALLY been an experience. Luckily, this time around I had a backup. Will write about it when I’m back.

Ciao till then. And keep writing!

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Finally, after a week of head banging (and not to heavy metal either) my internet’s up again!

My Internet went down last Wednesday. At first I tried to fix the problem by calling the help centre. I don’t know what possessed me to call technical help centre, but I did.  

They asked me to try removing the programme and reinstalling it, then call if the problem persisted. So I told them to back up a minute. “How do you do that?”

Very patiently they walked me through the control panel, into add or remove programmes, and helped me do the needful. It didn’t work.

So they muttered something about ports and com 4 and 5. The subsequent conversation led me to some very dark places like device manger and my network connections. It didn’t work. I panicked. So did they, but only when I screamed profanities like suing and litigation.

They asked me to go to the nearest Reliance web world to sort out the problem.

Now I had some pressing assignments to finish so I decided to put off the impending visit till Sunday.

I was a little unsure about whether their technical team would be working on Sunday so I tried calling them. No response on any of the four numbers. I decided to take a chance anyway. I figured that Sunday was the only day people had time to sort out their problems and they knew that.

They did. And conveniently took off to avoid irate people. I was told to come back the next day.

So I did some more yelling and screaming about wasting people’s time and them not answering calls. They let me rave and rant figuring I would run out of steam eventually. After precisely five minutes, I did, and skulked out with my tail between my legs.

The next day when I went there I was told that the technical guy doesn’t come in until 2. “But, Sameer (name changed to protect identity) will help you,” the floor manager muttered hastily when he saw my nostrils beginning to flare. After yesterday’s performance he was clued into tell-tale signs, I guess.

Sameer took over one hour to fix a problem that should have taken ten minutes at most. But that’s because he had to undo everything I had done earlier. “No wonder it’s not working. The settings are all wrong. Did you, by any chance, fiddle with the settings?”

I put on my most innocent face. “Me?”

He looked suspicious but let it pass. The problem was fixed.

Or so I thought. Imagine my chagrin when I booted it up at home and the screen flashed, found new hardware…if you have the relevant disk, please insert now.

At that moment I felt like packing some harware myself and shooting someone, myself, in the head, since I had already shot myslef in the foot by subscribing to Reliance.

The next day, which was yesterday, I went again. From the outside I thought I detected some frenetic movement inside.

But when I went in there, all was calm. Sameer wasn’t there but I was referred to a girl called Nausheen (again, name changed…you know the drill). I had my suspicions that the frenetic movement I thought I had detected was Sameer beating a hasty retreat.

As soon as I booted my laptop to show Nausheen my problem, I was forcibly reminded of a popular saying by a cheery pessimist called Murphy. And the saying goes, “a system will work at the exact same time you’re trying to prove it doesn’t.”

This of course enabled the unflappable Nausheen to say, “It must be a hardware and / or a network problem.”  No amount of arguing would convince her to change her apathetic stand or even lift a finger to help. She just stared expressionlessly at me with coloured contact-lensed eyes.

I realised one thing. In a service industry, even if you aren’t, you must be seen to be doing something. It makes customers happy that something is being done about their problem. I guess politics and business are not so different after all, huh?

I was defeated. Short of subscribing to another ISP, there was no other option. I took that option.

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Let’s see now, it’s been a week since my internet’s been down. So i’ve taken to doing a little pilgrimage everyday…to Reliance, who happens to be my ISP.

The problem has still not been sorted out. So it will be a little while till i post another entry…am still there by the way, scavenging on their wireless network.

The Internet sorting out has been an experience in itself and will write about it when I can see the humourous side of it. Am fuming right now.


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