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Many of you have written to me asking me why I’ve stopped dishing out advice about writing. There are many reasons for that. One, it’s not that I’ve done any teaching course. So obviously, the only advice I can give you is what was given to me when I first started writing. Or what I’ve gleaned on the Internet. And since I haven’t exactly followed that advice to the letter, I am hardly in a position to exhort anyone else to do the same, now can I?

Secondly, rules about writing are just that. Rules. There are no right or wrong rules and even the right ones are meant to be broken. If they weren’t, books like Catcher In The Rye and Three Men In A Boat would never have been published. Moreover, the only one that had worked for me is persistence. I may not need to write every day, as I’ve discovered to my horror recently, but once I start a project, I’m like a dog with a bone (there goes another writing rule about desisting from using clichéd similes/metaphors/phrases).

Thirdly, never take advice from writing teachers. Given a choice they’d rather be writing their magnum opus, their seminal, definitive novel on the esprit de temps rather than correcting someone else work. They are teachers ’cos they are unsuccessful writers. Come to think of it, most writers would rather be doing something else too. Just goes to show the drain on the soul the writing business is.

Meanwhile, now that I’ve wrapped up my second (nope, name still not decided) baby and am not waxing on the subject of writing, I’m kinda figuring out what to write next. The Kkrishnaa sequel is always there and the sequel to the second too, but then my publisher threw me a curve ball by suggesting I write an Indian historical romance. Now I’m not too good with virginal heroines but the prospect of a Prithviraj Chauhan whisking me away on a white steed…now that’s intriguing.



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