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That’s right. I hate cricket. I hate cricket because I never know who to support. You see, for us media people it’s never easy.

Do I support India and hope they quickly trot up to 3-1 in the series? But what about my friends in Neo? As it is they were griping about the slow pace of the third ODI. I was watching the match with them and they kept fretting about traffic shifting to other GECs during the match. When an Indian victory became imminent, they kept worrying about India performing so well and winning a commanding lead earlier on in the series. If India quickly notched up a score of 4-1, people losing interest in the series and go back to Balika Vadhu or Utran for the remaining matches.

(I think they must have gone into a collective orgasm when India lost yesterday and evened the series at 2-2).

So I figured I’d support Australia in fourth ODI. But then I started watching the match along with some friends from a leading GEC (general entertainment channel). They started off happily enough when Australia posted a modest total. They even began to enjoy themselves when India began her innings and Sehwag gave India a dream start with his dhunandhar baalebaazi. And then Sehwag went. Followed by Kohli. And Sachin. India lost amidst sounds of strident wails. Now the best they can hope for is India winning the next two matches if they are to salvage any TRPs before the 13th.

And I’m hoping with them. It is they, after all, who pay my rent.

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So, India has crashed out of the T-20 world cup tournament. When Dhoni was asked in a post match interview if Sehwag’s absence contribute to the failure, he said, “Not as much as Jadeja’s presence…and the fact that we gambled on sending in Yuvi way down the order…and the fact that we gambled on chasing…and…To which the media asked, “Did any of your gambles pay off?” To which Mahi said, “Sure they did. With odds 4-1 in favour of India winning, I made a pile of cash.”

A new study has found that listening to ‘chilling’ music or music that ‘sends shivers down your spine’ activates the same pleasure centres in the brain as does cocaine. Reacting to this data, the music companies were reported to have complained, “Great, now they’re going to ban us too?”

A study has found that, like humans, sperm whales have baby sitters, too. So how does this work? “Hey, I need a babysitter.” “Okay, it’s going to cost you ten squid an hour.” And do the whale babysitters exhibited the same behavior as human baby sitters – talking incessantly on the phone, raiding the fridge and making out with their boyfriends?

Shiney Ahuja had been accused of rape by his eighteen year old maid. In a statement to the police, the Ahuja said, “There’s been a misunderstanding. When I said to her, kapde utaro, I meant take off the clothes from the clothesline.”

To which the maid reacted by saying, “I’ll never be able to completely explain, how you feel after something like that…worthless, violated, confused….n o t h i n g will ever be able to compensate for the degradation I feel…but, the huge out-of-court settlement will help tremendously.”

Sorry, I know that’s insensitive but I feel the whole thing sounds…fishy. She’s been alone with him for forty-five days and he attacks now? I’ll wait for the maid’s rape kit. If it does indeed confirm rape, I’ll gladly apologize.

The time is 1.00 p.m. and I just got the Mid-day. According to Mid-Day, Shiney Ahuja had apparently confessed to the crime. I apologize for the insensitive joke above. Being a woman, I know how heinous rape is. The problem is that treatment meted out to alleged perps under the rape and anti dowry laws is so ridiculous that one does feel for the man. The treatment seems to be arrest first, enquire later. It is just so easy to frame a guy! I personally know of two instances where this has happened. Hence, my earlier scepticism.

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