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Gem is a precious stone. It is used to describe stones like topaz, ruby, diamond. It is also used to describe a person of thing as stellar. For example, a gem a of a p[erson, a gem of an idea. It is also used a suff`ix, examples of which I cannot think of right now.  When written in the reverse it is Meg, which is the short form of the name Megan. It may also stand for Megan, I’m not…

No, I haven’t completely lost it. This is what I wrote (exactly as I wrote it) about GEM in my allotted sixty seconds at OneWord.com. OneWord is a resource site for writers, one which I go to sometimes when I’m in urgent need of unclogging my mind (what, sometimes professional writers need help too). Hell, I do it before beginning my writing for the day anyway.

The way it works is this. You are given a topic and sixty seconds to write on it. Your time starts from the moment you load the page. Obviously the idea behind the idea is to prompt you to write. Not think, just write. After you’ve finished, you submit your stuff after which you get to read what others have written about the topic. Even though you already intuitively know it, you’ll be amazed at how many ways there are to look at a particular word.

It’s great fun. Try it!

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