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The authorities in a crime ridden section of Tokya have come up with a novel concept to counter burglars. Plant more flowers. Their logic is if the people will be more aware as they will spend more time looking out of their houses while watering or generally looking after the flowers. And here I thought it was to catch footprints in the flowerbeds!

King’s College, London has said that most people don’t know where their heart is. They’ve said that in spite of the increase in education levels and the Internet, people’s awareness of the human anatomy remains low. That’s silly. Why would anyone pore over graphic and asexual vivisection of the human body on the Internet when there’s porn? And tell me, how will knowing where my heart is help? “Hey, doctor, I’m having a heart attack. Let me help you by telling you where my heart is.” If the doctor doesn’t know where your heart is, maybe you need to call your lawyer.

And oh, Mayawati has expressed disdain for Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to reach out to Dalits. Oh, that’s an effective way of cocking a snook at him – take out a huge rally on his birthday! That’ll show him how utterly scornful you are of him.

Antara Mali (remember her?) tied the knot with her beau in a quiet ceremony. Know how she pulled off the hush-hush bit? Complete lack of media interest.

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