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I’m thoroughly enjoying my downtime. The only thing that’s playing spoilsport at the moment is the weather. The heat and the humidity means I get to town a lot less often that I’d wish to. I’d promised myself that once I finished I’d make a trip to Café Mondegar, Café Leopold and an old favourite, Churchgate Stores (non-air conditioned but the last time I went around, beer-on-the-tap was priced at a ridiculously low price of 35 bucks a glass) and drink myself silly every day. Strand book store and Bombay Stores also found a mention in the to-do list, although I’m not sure whether it was pre or post the drinking. Definitely pre, I’m thinking. But so far I’ve done this only once in three weeks.

But I’ve also realized one thing. Everything people say about writers/writing is not necessarily true. For instance, I’ve discovered that I don’t have to write every single day. I’m quite happy picking up the comp just to surf silly videos all day long. I don’t feel guilty if I don’t so much as open the word processor even once during the day. So what’s the distinction between a writer and a prevaricator? I guess the difference is knowing the difference between a holiday and procrastination.

Of course, I could get to my comp immediately. I already have a story ready for telling. But I try and desist from sticking to a formula. I like to imbue my novels with quirky characters and atmosphere. This means I need my jar of creative juice fully replenished. Meanwhile, I’m content to let the ideas ferment.

On the subject of authors of prodigious output, here’s an interesting article.

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