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I’ve written the MS and sent it. It’s been read and appreciated and I have been sent contracts.

Now the tough part begins. Which is poring over clause after clause of legalese. It’s so annoying, the way these lawyers go on and on with the hereforthwiths, and hereafters and with/without prejudice…why can’t they just state stuff in plain languge that people can understand? After going through the contracts all of the past three days, I’m tempted to sing “hua poora ka poora mindf@#* yaar” from, you guessed it, the x-rated emosanal atyachar.

The bad news is that with a lot of reverts back and forth it doesn’t look to get over soon . Just to show how my life isn’t my own anymore, I started writing this yesterday when my lawyer called to do a ‘page turn.’  After an hour and a half of absolutely scintillating stuff  (I mean that sarcastically, of course) , I was so exhausted that I needed another hour and a half of some serious retail therapy. The mall was absolutely packed which didn’t improve my mood any but did make me wonder, “Recession? What recession?”

Coming back to the subject, the good news is we’ve arrived at a list of must haves in the contract. The hard part is getting the publishers to agree. It isn’t for nothing people say publishing is about a bunch of lawyers being supported by editors.

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