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First the good news. Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions is sold out. And we’re going into the second print run. In the second lot we’re tweaking the cover design a bit to accommodate the spate of *ahem* the good reviews.

I’ve always dreamed of having stuff like Brilliant!…Jain sets the pace from the word go and doesn’t let it flag…Simply unputdownable! embellish the cover.

Soon you’ll see refurbished Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions adorning the shelves. And hopefully (and where I really want to see it) the pages of the Amazon catalogue.

The bad news is that my photograph may have to knocked off. Ah, well.

On the scripting front, I have queries for at least two more new shows. And the producers won’t take no for an answer. So I figured that with the amount of time I spend in saying no, I might as well write the damn episode. And get paid for it.

You see, I can’t say no so I spend a lot of time beating around the bush bitching about various TV personalities who also happen to be good friends, TRPs, movers and shakers tec. The average talk time on each of these ‘no’ calls is about two hours. Which is about how long it takes to write the screenplay of an episode. Get it?

But the only way I can do this on an ongoing basis is by hiring an assistant, which also I have managed to do. Tentatively. Which means we are on on a trial basis.

My plans for becoming a one-woman screenwriting industry seem to be coming true. Eyah-ha-ha-ha! (evil laughter).

Plus the second novel is a work-in-progress. So that should hit the shelves sometime end of this year.

Maybe I will dominate the whole writing space. More evil laughter.

As you can see there’s a lot happening. Speaking of which, there was something else I had to do. Which I can’t seem to remember.  I do know there was something.  Wait I remember! There are people coming home today and I forgot to order Biryani!

As the subtitles on badly transcribed movies would read – Excrement! Excrement! Excrement!

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