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Too Much Information

Yesterday I caught Sex and the City, the movie, once again. And there was this one instance of bad writing which irked me. I didn’t expect this to happen in SATC, especially in SATC. And especially when there were so many easy ways around it.

It happens when Carrie is babysitting Charlotte’s adopted daughter Lily. Charlotte comes back and while walking Carrie out, says, “Thanks for watching Lily while I visited the doctor.” Arrghhh! People don’t talk that way!

That it is an important piece of information is not in doubt. It is important to establish that Charlotte went to see the doctor because one, in SATC the series Harry and she are desperately trying to have a baby and now when they are no longer trying, they are pregnant. Two, it sets the stage for Charlotte’s fear that she’ll lose the baby.

But why did they have to do that way? Charlotte could’ve said, “Thanks for watching Lily.” To which Carrie could have replied, “No problem. What did the doctor say?” Simple.

It is a small instance and I’m probably nitpicking but it got me thinking. Don’t you just hate it when film makers cram information down our throats that way?

Film makers usually fall prey to this malaise when they are introducing characters for the first time and are desperate to clue in the audience about the character'(s) b.g. For instance,


Why, if it isn’t Ravi who was my friend and room-mate in college and who tricked my girlfriend Nisha into marrying him.


You weren’t completely innocent either, Sameer. You went around and seduced and impregnated my sister Malti. I wonder what your wife Anu will have to say when she learns you have an illegitimate son Yash.


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