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Asian Age asked me to write a column for them in their Books Plus section. I said sure and asked the editor, what I should write about, knowing instinctively, and fearing that she would ask me do a book review of a new release.

When she said, “It’s your column. You can write anything you want to.” I was just about to jump in air and click my heels together when she added insidiously, couching it as an innocent suggestion, “Maybe a book review?”

“Let me guess, it has to be a current release right?”

“Well, yes, that is the idea, you know behind the page.”

Uh-oh, I thought. I’m in trouble. You see what happens is that I normally go once a month and buy a bunch of books. But by the time I get to reading them they’re way past their current status. As of now I have some three thousand ‘current books’ to be read. I have only just finished Ashok Banker’s Siege of Mithila, book two in the Ramayan series. Just to give you a perspective, Ashok Banker has written and released Demons of Chitrakoot and Armies of Hanuman, books three and four respectively, since then. That should give you some idea of how far behind I am in my reading.

Plus I always get sidetracked by a good murder mystery and am currently devouring Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum mysteries.

And through this I have to write my screenplays (at the average rate of an episode-and-a-half a week), watch and review Sarkar Raj and Sex and the City, write a blog and my next novel.

My editor could sense my hesitation and added hastily, “We’ll put a picture of you next to the column.”

Always a winning argument with me. Sigh. I prepare to read Cherie Blair’s autobiography.

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