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Iron Man

Caught Iron Man over the weekend (What is with Hollywood? are we only going to have movies on comic book superheroes from now on?). But on the flipside, Iron Man was a well, ho-hum. The reason I went to see Iron Man was for Robert Downey Jr of whom I’ve been a huge fan right since Ally Mc Beal days. I think he’s fantastic and excels in the quirky humour that resonates well with me. And he doesn’t disappoint in Iron Man either. His conversations with his virtual butler, Jarvis are hilarious. Or his sheepish, “Let’s face it. This is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing,” to Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is funny. Only Robert Downey Jr. can deliver such lines deadpan. I am also a huge fan of Jeff Bridges

But these two pluses aside, there’s nothing else of much interest in the movie. To start with it is a huge anachronism in this day and age. Question, if Tony Stark is such a huge genius and has the invention of several hi-tech weapons to his credit, why does he need to invent an Iron Man suit? Why can’t he just invent a weapon that kills the bad guys without him even having to leave his home? It’s understandable that he does so under duress when he’s imprisoned in a cave, but later? Why? Why?

And then why does Jeff bridges have to invent a bigger replica. For heaven’s sake he already has a sound weapon that can render people paralyzed at the push of a button.

But, we’re not supposed to ask these questions in a superhero film so we won’t. After all, what visual treat can you expect with villains just pushing buttons? But even on the visual treat front, it is a letdown. The final fight which people expect will blow their socks off, is a damp squib. Die Hard 4 had better action and it didn’t even have seemingly indestructible superheroes.

On the plus side, the production design is good. The virtual design and eventual creation of the Iron man suit are vow-worthy. But that’s it. Watch it if you’re a fan of Robert Downey Jr. Else rent a DVD of Spider Man (1,2,3, it don’t matter), Matrix (1,2,3, it don’t matter), Lord of the Rings (you got it. 1,2,3 it don’t matter). Just in case you missed the point, just about any other action flick has better action.


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