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It’s a Holiday!

Time to hang up the writing shoes, or sheath the quill (yuck…that’s bad imagery) if you prefer, for a while. Think I’ll do the Lord of the Rings Marathon today. I don’t about others but I’m a real nut about this film and can see it any number of times.

I’ve already done the marathon session twice over, once at Regal and once at Metro. Never mind that I tumbled out of the theatre with a splitting headache both times and it took several hours for my poor ears to recover from the aural onslaught. I mean, can you imagine nine plus hours of stereophonic sound at several decibels higher than levels causing insanity?

Also time to gorge on food an eat all three meals. I’m usually really bad with food and end up skipping meals on an ordinary working day. In part the blame lies with my creative director who invaribaly develops a script emergency at lunch time.

Until tomorrow then. The Fellowship of the Rings beckons.

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