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As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I watched a lot of films over the weekend. One of them being the classic “The Bicycle Thief. Yet I chose an offbeat film, The Chumscrubber to write about.

Ironically, the Chumscrubber grabbed me immediately and I’ve had difficulty in making up my mind about the undisputed classic., The Bicycle Thief. Don’t get me wrong. It is a beautifully shot film and very lyrical and all that. And I think I’ve finally understood why it left me feeling dissatisfied.

Spoiler Warning

The Bicycle Thief is the story of a young man who’s going through hard times. With a great deal of difficulty he gets a job for which owning a bicycle is a prerequisite. On the first day of the job his bicycle gets stolen and though he looks everywhere for it, he never finds it.

You see, for me for a film to be good, one of the two conditions must be fulfilled.

If it is a sad story, treated seriously, the ending must be hopeful.

If it is sad ending, the film should be treated in a lighter vein like Jaane Bhi do Yaaron.

A sad story, treated seriously, with a hopeless ending, well, why don’t I just kill myself?

I’ve had many arguments with many film aficionados on this and there is no right answer. Whether or not you agree with me will depend on what cinema is for you? For me it is purely escapist.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion, should your characters be clearcut or morally ambiguous? More on that tomorrow.

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