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It’s easy for you to say, people respond when I make that claim. But I still maintain, anyone can become a writer. Writing is nothing but correct, perhaps even good language, and imagination. To prove this, I conducted a small session, something like tag a story. And everyone was amazed at the outcome. They didn’t know they had it in them.

I started the story and gave everyone a sheet of paper. They could take the storythread anywhere.

The story beagn thus:

“Maira yawned and glanced at her watch. “Goodness! It’s well over three in the morning!” she thought. Everyone else in the household seemed to have gone to sleep. She strained to hear if anyone else was up but all she heard was the sound of waves gently lapping the shore.

Maira debated whether to continue reading or call it a night. She was reading an extremely interesting book about a man’s foray into mysterious other worlds. She continued reading, knowing that it was late but, unable to stop. The story was just too gripping!

However, soon Maira fell asleep and started dreaming. In her dream Maira found herself standing in front of an incandescent stone wall. The wall was of gigantic proportions rising higher and stretching wider than eye could see. It seemed as though there was nothing beyond it and that the world ended there.

She tentatively reached out a hand to touch the wall.”

Garima wrote: “The moment she touched the wall. She reached into a new place. It was a colorful and beautiful world. It was sorrounded with big flowers of various colours like red, yellow and orange. Maira was admiring the happy enviornment and she was wearing a lovely dress. Suddenly, she found a handsome dude carrying a basket of fruits. This boy seems like her childhood friend Harry. She was so happy to find her dream boy in this beautiful world. Maira always wanted to present red roses to Harry. But she hesitated a lot to express her views. She plucked one beautiful red rose from lovely garden. The moment she plucked the flower her entire dress has been changed. Her dress turned into red color gown, and her jewellery was replaced with red ornaments. She also got rosy cheeks and beautiful red lips. She was looking really beautiful. However, Maira was not aware of this miracle. She presented the Precious Red Rose to harry. Harry liked her way of expressing love. Then Harry proposed her for marriage. It was the happiest moment for Maira. After some time, they both were roaming around lake and enjoying the beauty of nature. Suddenly, they both became thirsty. Then they went near to that Lake for drinking water. Maira was shocked to see her resemblence in water. She was not able to belive on herself. Then Harry started playing with water and also trying to throw some water on her face. Once the water drop lets touched her face, her beauty vanished and she became ugly. She dont want to show her face to Harry. She immediately started running in search of that Red Rose. However, Harry was following Maira and asking her to spend some more time with him.

On the other hand, It was 10 in the morning next day and it was a sunny day. Maira phone was ringing and she was still in the dream where she was was sharing some moments with Harry. She came out from dream and then she was not to able to come out from her dream. She was still realizing the beautiful moments spent with Harry.

She looked into the mirror and found the same features and wheatish complexion on her face. She touched her face and found same softness on her face. But she want to become very beautiful with rosy cheeks and beautiful lips. Though Maira has clear skin and sharp features. She was smiling and happy whole day. However, Maira again wants to continue with her reading so she can again reach to her dream world where she can meet with Harry. ”

See what I mean? Garima needs to work on the language but the ideas are all there! Keep it up Garima.

Tomorrow I’ll post what salman wrote. Till then, Ciao!

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